I love walking in Philly. No matter the season, there’s always something cool to look at—whether it’s the incredible front doors or antique awnings.

One of the coolest features I find walking around Philly is completely forgetting I’m in the heart of the 5th most populated city in America, surrounded by over a million strangers in a sub- two-mile radius (not including Camden). Not to mention, most of Philly is walkable – and I often find myself alone walking for blocks at a time.

While Fairmount and Wissahickon are great Parks to take a hike in Philly, their locations render them almost useless to a good portion of the city. For this very reason, I’ve been searching for great ‘walks’ elsewhere in the city of brotherly love.

Each neighborhood in Philly has its own unique flair and flavor, which isn’t too big a surprise considering the city was built over the span of four centuries. For neighborhoods on the east side of the city, the Delaware River Waterfront has been developed and re-developed for years. More recently, it features plenty of places to safely walk, ride, or run from one side of the city to the other.

For those dwelling on the east side of the city, whether living, temporarily boarding, or stopping by from Jersey, these five urban hikes (with plenty of nature) offer a great alternative to taking the ‘hike’ over to the Northeast.

Northern Columbus Blvd

Spirit of Philadelphia → Penn Treaty Park

The northern half of the Delaware River Trail is a 2-mile walk along the Delaware Riverbank. Starting at the very endpoint of the Marina Pier, you’ll head north along the trail and sidewalks that border the Delaware River. Start your hike with a fresh cold one at the newly reopened Cherry Street Pier, then take a breather as you snap some incredible photos under the Ben Franklin Bridge at Cherry St Piers’s next-door neighbor, Race St Pier. Park behind the Sugarhouse Casino Waterfront Square Condos Penn Treaty Park

What you’ll see: The Marina, The Spirit of Philadelphia, Cherry St Pier, Race St Pier, Park behind the Sugarhouse Casino, Waterfront Square Condos, Penn Treaty ParkYou can also obviously catch glimpses of the Battleship New Jersey as well as (that tall gold building)

The Delaware River Trail *Extended*

Spruce Street Harbor Park ⇆ Pier 68 Park

The entirety of the Delaware river trail is debatably one of the best places to walk in Philadelphia. However, many people aren’t aware of the lower half – a walkable, paved trail in South Philly that extends close to the river. The lower half of the Delaware River Trail is shorter, but definitely a trail you won’t want to miss. Starting near the intersection of Washington and Columbus (on the west side of Colombus, called Washington Avenue Green), the paved trail is a quick walk along the Delaware river bank down to Pier 70 – a small but quaint park stretching into the Delaware River.

What you’ll see: Views of the Walt Witman Bridge, the Delaware River, New Jersey

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Franklin Square ⇆ the Camden Waterfront

2 Miles – Our great, green suspension bridge has an awesome walking trail that will take you down to the Camden River Front. Whether you’re a Philly photo influencer or not, you’ll definitely want to bring your camera for this one. Whether it’s the bridge or the Waterfront, this hike has Philadelphia skyline views for days. I highly recommend starting by exploring Franklin Square (maybe get a quick round of mini-golf in) then heading toward the bridge. The walking path over the bridge will eventually lead you to a flight of stairs that will land you on New Jersey soil. A quick walk down to the riverfront park will provide plenty of room to stretch, snap some photos, or just relax with a wonderful backdrop of the city.

What you’ll see: The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, great views of the Philly Skyline, the De

Battleship New Jersey

Camden Waterfront ⇆ the RiverLink Ferry

If you’re feeling adventurous, continue your walk along the Camden waterfront toward the giant, gray battleship that’s been parked in front of Camden, New Jersey since 2001. If you’re coming from the city and want to reverse the hike, I highly recommend a quick ride on the RiverLink Ferry that crosses Delaware. The Camden Waterfront is one the best spots to get a feel for the true size of Philly.

While Battleship New Jersey is pretty majestic to look at, taking a tour will put you in another world. If you’re truly feeling adventurous, I would highly recommend a $25 tour of the museum-ship.

What you’ll see: Battleship New Jersey, the Camden waterfront, the Philadelphia waterfront, a skyline view of the city from the east, Walt Witman Bridge, Ben Franklin Bridge

Front Street

Elfreth’s Alley ⇆ Washington Ave

Talk a true walk through history with this “trail” is by far one of my favorite places to walk in Philly. Here a brief overview of what you’ll see on this quick walk: Elfreths Alley (the oldest continuously inhabited urban street in America), Statue of Tamanend, site of The London Coffee House (where the Founding Father met to discuss Indpendence from Britain), the Irish Immigrant Memorial, Memorial to Scottish Immigrants, location of Tun Tavern (birthplace of the Marine Corps), the Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, South Street Bridge, and a small park with plenty of grass and trees.

Starting at Washington Ave, this quick trail is part sidewalk, part trail. While the sounds of trucks and motorcycles whizzing down 95 might be a bit loud, a stroll down Front Street is truly an underrated walking experience.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town or a long-time Philadelphian, these trails offer some of the best walkable paths in all of Philly. Regardless of the season, these walks will always provide a pleasant (and quiet) trip.