While the sneakerhead and streetwear scene in Philly often goes under-appreciated, it is arguably one of the most passionate in the country. Philadelphia’s sneaker and streetwear stores have been around since the beginning, dealing iconic pieces of fashion and making some of the dopest collaborations in the industry.

The Philadelphia streetwear scene has had its share of ups and downs. From notable sneakerhead staples rebranding or moving out of the city, in the past 10 years, Philly has seen its share of changes to the hype scene. Despite this, Philly remains one of the top 15 cities for sneakerheads.

Within Philadelphia’s borders, you’ll find some of the coolest collectives and sneaker shops around (not to mention some vintage consigners and resellers). Fortunately for Philadelphians and visitors, they’re all over the city. From North Philly to South Street and even some across the bridge.

We’ll start with some of the classics – the small businesses at the heart of the culture:

P’s & Q’s

Let’s start with the OG’s – An absolute staple in the Philly streetwear and fashion scene, P’s and Q’s has been run by Philadelphia natives and brothers Rick and Ky Cao. The brand, people, and even the shop itself Philly streetwear pioneers and true to the culture. The vibe at the shop can be described as “For the Culture.” It oozes an effortless style of modern with a hint of (dare I say) grit.

Their South Street shop is always stocked from ceiling to floor with the latest sneaker releases, streetwear and high fashion brands, rare indy brands, and plenty of accessories and artwork within the genre (think Kaws) On top of being one of the best places to get streetwear or sneakers in Philly, P’s and Q’s as their own brand. They have a will also collab with others  

Quick History The owners and creative director got their start with Abakus Takeout, a streetwear consignment shop located in Philly’s Chinatown district.

A longtime resident of South Street, the shop is a haven for Philly hype beasts and artists alike. P’s and Q’s store is always a novel experience – from their Pop-Ups to their collaborations, the masterminds BTS are always cooking up something for their loyal local customers. 

Not to mention, soul for the good of the community – the shop took on both the BLM protests and the wave of Asian hate following the COVID-19 pandemic with Say Their Names & Fight The Virus Not The People collections respectively, with proceeds donated to nonprofits fighting the cause.

Passion for the culture radiates from these guys – From the moment you step into their flagship shop, you can almost feel the intention and consideration put into the shop and the items curated. With that, their site is always up to date 

To learn more about the vision, mission, and vibes over at Ps and Qs, check out this in-depth article and interview by the hundreds blog – 

Lapstone and Hammer

Easily one of the best stores in Philly for trending sneakers, fashion, and streetwear, Lapstone & Hammer is a clothing boutique in Center City, Philadelphia. Located in a historic Philly building dating back to the 1800s, Lapstone & Hammers’ doors first opened in 2015 – making it one of the newer street fashion shops in Philly. Despite this, they have become a mainstay – and a must-see – through its constant innovation and contemporary curation. Read on and you’ll understand. 

Lapstone & Hammer is one of only a handful of spots in Philly offering high-end drops and limited releases: Yeezys, Off-Whites, Jordans, and every collab in between can often be found in-store or online. The Philly fashion boutique is also one of only a few shops that offer brands like Rhude, Fear of God, Comme des Garçons Alyx, and John Elliott. You can see a full list of the brands they carry at their website, lapstoneandhammer.com

The shop’s vibe is clearly an ode to old-school craftsmanship, a trait expressed in their own clothing lines and collaborations. The masterminds behind Lapstone & Hammer aren’t just purveyors, they’re creators as well. L&H sells their own denim line and other collaborations, including but definitely not limited to Fracap boots and the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2020, the company announced they would be collaborating with the 76ers, Philly’s NBA team, a line of clothing. The collab featured 

What’s more, the shop was the center of a viral photo showing Lebron James racking their limited-release tie-dye hoodies and sweatpants. 

Take a virtual tour of the space with the Complex video below 

Status – South Street

Located on South Street, Status has emerged as a dynamic force in Philadelphia’s streetwear and sneaker scene, captivating both locals and tourists alike. With its blend of consignment and resale offerings, this modern store has swiftly made its mark as a go-to destination. The passionate team behind Status exudes a palpable dedication to their craft, and their influence has even attracted high-profile figures like Meek Mill.

When you step into Status, you’ll be greeted by an impressive assortment of sneakers that seamlessly combines vintage classics with the latest drops. Each pair is meticulously wrapped in protective plastic, ensuring the utmost care for these coveted pieces. Additionally, the boutique features an upscale selection of street fashion and apparel boasting renowned brands such as Jordan, Off-White, Bape, Rhude, AwakeNY, Stone Island, and the likes. As an added bonus, you may even stumble upon exclusive items from highly limited releases, adding an element of excitement to every visit.

The reputation of Status transcends beyond casual collectors; it has become a true haven for sneakerheads and hypebeasts in the Philadelphia area. Whether you’re on the hunt for a rare gem or seeking the hottest releases, this store has earned high praise for its curated collection and knowledgeable staff.

Stay in the know by following their Instagram account, where you’ll find regular updates on new arrivals and noteworthy additions to their inventory. With its vibrant atmosphere and finger on the pulse of streetwear culture, Status is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for anyone seeking top-notch sneaker shopping in Philadelphia.

Creme 321

If you’re looking for high-end sneakers, fashion, or streetwear in Philly, we have the place for you. Located off of Race Street in Old City (near the Ben Franklin Bridge) stands the fashion boutique Creme,. The shop vibes whisper high society, as you’re surrounded by modernistic design and high end artwork hanging on every wall. 

The shop, owned by rapper and music mogul, Pusha T,  is one of the newer locations in the Philadelphia area. Creme321 also has a sister shop in Norfolk, Virginia. While the shop focuses on high-end streetwear, they have been known to attract crowds for exclusive drops – making headlines when Push dropped a restock of his sneaker line. 

There is a good chance you’ll find something special at Creme – brands like Rhude, Off-White, A Bathing Ape, and Fear of God can be found here, as well as some brands you may not have heard of. 


Common Grounds is easily one of the best places to buy sneakers in Center City, Philly. Their stock usually features rare pieces from one-off collections, ranging from high-end boutiques to local Philly classics, all while maintaining an immaculate sneaker collection. The sneakerhead behind the shop, Philip Moore, clearly knows the market and keeps his shop stocked with an incredibly diverse inventory. 

Common Grounds is an oasis for sneakerheads and the fashion conscious, as Philly lacks second-hand shops that specialize in streetwear and rare sneakers. The Philly consignment shop offers shoppers a little bit of everything — exclusive sneakers and vintage pieces, high-end collabs to hypebeast collectibles. It’s not uncommon to see rare apparel - like the $4,000 Adidas x Pharrell Williams NERD collab - listed on their website. 

Common Grounds is located just off of Broad, close to City Hall. They keep their website up to date and communicate mostly via Instagram. Common Grounds is a must-visit for any sneakerhead tourist that finds themself in downtown Philadelphia.

Atmos (Formerly Ubiq)

Atmos is a chain sneaker boutique in Philly with a whole lot of history. Originally a Japanese streetwear company based in Tokyo with locations around Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. In November 2020, atmos merged with Ubiq, widely regarded as the best sneaker boutique in Philly and at the time, one of the best in the country

AtmosUSA is located in the shopping district of Rittenhouse, off of Walnut St. Nowadays you can shop an assortment of rare sneakers, high fashion, streetwear apparel, and accessories. Atmos Philly is constantly stocked with exclusive and rare pieces or the latest exclusive sneaker drops. They also have art and sculptures around the store, giving the space a great vibe. Despite having shops in NYC and DC, the Philly Atmos is one of the best sneaker stores in Philly. 

Atmos is constantly creating unique collaborations with fashion staple brands like Vans, Nike, Asics, and Jordan. 

Re-Up Philly

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and looking for sneakers, Re-Up most likely has your size. 

Re-up is a dealer in all things streetwear - from their massive footwear collection to their exclusive apparel option, Re-up has two fully stocked sneaker boutiques in the Philadelphia area.

While the shop tends to push a ton of inventory, you can find everything they're currently selling on their website. 

Re-Up has two locations, one in the Deptford Mall in New Jersey, about a 30 min drive southeast outside of the city, and the other in the Springfield Mall in Delco, about 30 minutes southwest of the city. Don’t be scared off by the quick trip, the guys behind Re-Up are long-time sneakerheads and seasoned rellers. They even offer up their sneaker expertise with a free “fake check” for any piece you think might be a replica. 

With a quick look at their website, you’ll see that Air Jordans, Bape, and Supreme are always in stock. Some might argue they have the best collection of Jordans for sale around Philly. We’ll leave that judgment up to you.

Philadelphia Streetwear Companys

Ammo Stilo

Ammo Stilo is a Philadelphia-based streetwear company that has been making waves for quite some time. Offering unique apparel, accessories, furniture, and technology the collective is focused on creativity and passion. At the moment, most of their products can only be found online on sites like eBay or Grailed.


Spergo (aka SPERGO Billionaire) is one of the newest additions to Philly's streetwear scene. Founded in 2018 by 15-year-old (12 at the time) entrepreneur and Philly young boul Trey Brown, Spergo is a Philadelphia-based streetwear brand that has been making huge waves in the local and national scene.

Spergo currently sells a variety of branded men's, women's, and unisex clothing and accessories, with new clothing collections dropping frequently. From hoodies to socks, dresses, and athletic wear, Spergo offers a bit of everything with trending materials and dope color schemes.

Spergo was recently featured on NBC's Shark Tank, with billionaire investor and FUBU founder Damon John investing in the Philly streetwear company. What started as 16 t-shirts has grown into a nationally recognized brand, with endorsements from celebrities like Meek Mill, Da Baby, Sean Combs (Diddy), Shaquille O’Neil, Lil Durk, Charles Barkley, Eric Thomas, Grant Hill, GHerbo, and Tierra Whack.

If this hasn't sold you yet, know that founder Trey Brown is using his platform to promote youth entrepreneurship and inspire others to chase their dreams and stay off the streets, hoping to give his brand a bigger vision than streetwear.

Honorable Mentions

South Street Sneaker Stores

Snipes - Snipes is a European apparel brand that has a few locations around the Philly area - This is because they acquired KicksUSA, a Philly-based company started by the same Philly entrepreneur that founded the legendary streetwear and sneaker store Ubiq - John Lee. If you’re looking for a fresh pair of Jordans,  a new pair of beaters, look no further than Snipes Footwear.

Samsun Footwear - Samsun Footwear has two locations in Philly and has been lacing the community for years. The stores are owned by the father of John Lee, mentioned above, and is where John got his start in the footwear and boutique sneaker scene in Philadelphia.