If you happen to be one of the millions of Americans (or 24% of Philadelphians) who switched to (and fell in love with) working remotely, you may be looking for a cafe to work in nearby – a change of scenery from your usual at-home workstation. And let’s be honest, the hustle and bustle of your local Starbucks just isn’t cutting it – not to mention, local coffee shops often offer locally roasted coffee beans for a dual economic impact.

Even though remote working has its perks, there’s something to be said about the face-to-face interaction that you experience in an office setting. I’ve found working remotely in coffee shops gives me the best of both worlds – a flexible work environment among the faces of Philly communities.

With so many small to larger options, it can be tough to find truly exceptional shops to post up with your laptop. Look no further – with years of remote work under my belt, I’ve been able to visit some of the city’s best spots. Without further ado, here are my top picks for Philly’s best coffee shops for working remotely.

Elixr Coffee Roasters


University City

If you find yourself needing a cozy coffee shop in Rittenhouse Square or University City, Elixr Coffee Roasters’ flagship coffee shops have immaculate productivity vibes – including an excellent music selection and a great seating arrangement that feels more like a living room than a coffee house.

The shops offer plenty of freshly roasted caffeinated options, including specialty pour-overs and teas alongside a variety of baked goods. Not to mention, the Rittenhouse shop is located in the heart of Center City, Philly, so there are plenty of breakfast and lunch options if a muffin won’t suffice.

I’m currently remote working at Elixr’s coffee shop in Rittenhouse and can tell you firsthand that the coffee is strong, the wifi is fast, and the people-watching is excellent. I’m not sure if it’s the classic coffee house vibes or Elixr’s staple Beekeeper coffee blend, but this coffeeshop is one of my favorite remote work spots in Philly.

Good Karma Cafe

Washington Square West

Fitler Square

Two of the best Philadelphia coffee shops to work remotely are sister cafes, nestled amongst the rowhomes of Washington Square West and Fitler Square. Good Karma Cafe – a fitting name considering the hours of productivity I have had at their WSW location. When you first walk in the doors of the relatively large coffee shops, you’ll be greeted by their front counter, with a huge selection of caffeinated and herbal beverage offerings.

Each coffee shop has separate rooms where you’ll find a large seating area with plenty of tables and chairs that can range from two to four seats. Light “coffee shop music” is usually playing and you’ll often find some sunlight pouring in from the windows. I truly can’t recommend BOTH Good Karma locations enough – they are two of my go-to workstations outside of my home office. Oh, and both offer outdoor patio seating, weather permitting.

Vernicks Coffee Bar

If you’re looking for a hybrid office-like cafe to work remotely in Center City, Philly, Vernick Coffee Bar is one of the best-hidden gems in the city. With plenty of outlets and free wifi, this coffee shop, located inside the Comcast Technology Center, is an oasis for remote productivity.

A quick trip up the escalators will take you into this minimalist-looking spaceship of a coffee shop with ample seating options. This modern twist on the classical coffee shop offers both seating and a bar area that can double as a standing desk, one of my personal favorite features.

The cafe offers everything from drinks (including their full espresso menu) to an incredible pastry selection and some light meal options. You’ll often find a small crowd either taking meetings or socializing over coffee and a croissant.

One Shot Cafe

remote working in philly

With seating areas downstairs, upstairs, and outside, One Shot Cafe is one of Philly’s best options for working remotely – particularly for No Lib and Fishtown locals. If you’re looking for tose traditional “coffee house vibes,” I highly recommend heading upstairs – with plenty of tables, chairs, and a few couches, you won’t have a problem getting into a comfortable and productive groove.

One Shot offers all your traditional coffee drinks as well as a delicious selection of brunch and lunch options, with the breakfast burrito one of my personal favorites. 

Shot Tower Cafe

Shot Tower is probably the smallest coffee shop on our list, but it is definitely deserving of a visit. Not only do they have fantastic coffee, but the communal atmosphere is incredible. Shot Tower is one of my personal favorites in Queen Village – I have always found myself masterfully productive inside or outside the small, Queen Village coffee shop.

The cafe offers a wide range of coffee drinks, teas, and locally sourced pastries and bagels. While quaint, the seating style options are abundant, offering outdoor tables, indoor tables, a communal long table, and a window-facing bar that can easily be worked from while standing. 

The Bagel Place

If you enjoy the ambiance a crowded coffee shop, The Bagel Place in Queen Village might be just what you’re looking for. From their high-top tables to the comfy couches in the back, The Bagel Place offers plenty of seating, making it a great spot for remote working in South Philly. Not to mention, their sandwiches, bagels, and cream cheeses are the perfect company to hang out with for a few hours.

The shop is fairly large with plenty of room and seating options for either a public or private working environment. On the walls, you can find stunning art pieces for sale by owner local artists. Being one of the better bagel places in the area, you should know that the breakfast and lunch hours can be a bit hectic – nothing a pair of headphones can’t fix. The bagel bakery serves La Colombe coffee and espresso drinks and an array of breakfast and lunch options. 

Grind Core House West

Nestled in the University City area of West Philly, Grindcore House is a vegan coffee shop with plenty of character. Serving coffee, tea, and plenty of other concoctions, it’s no wonder this heavy-metal cafe and eatery is a local favorite. The coffee shop has quite a bit of seating for guests, many of them single tables that are well spaced out on the back wall, meaning you’ll have plenty of privacy and likely be amongst other Philadelphians working remotely as well.

The cafe also hosts Crust Vegan Bakery, which offers a huge selection of vegan delicacies, including pastries and handcrafted sandwiches. Feel like stretching your legs? The West Philly Coffeeshop is just down the street from Clark Park, a University City favorite that often hosts an array of events and markets. Grindcore House also has a line of merchandise with a heavy metal/punk rock theme.

The Monkey & The Elephant Cafe

Brewerytowns The Monkey & The Elephant Cafe first and only non-profit coffee shop with plenty of room both inside the cafe as well as in the shady outdoor space in the behind it. The shop’s menu offers a wide selection of coffee drinks (including affogato!), paninis, bagels, the usual cafe baked goods. Not to mention, you can feel good about your latte and lunch because any purchase supports the former foster youth in the shops program.

The outdoor area, fondly called The Garden, will sit up to 25 people and is the perfect place to catch some sun rays while working remotely. The shop is closed Mondays but is open from 7am until 2pm Tuesday – Thursday and closes at 4:30pm Friday through Sunday.

The Daily

If you’re looking for a remote work-friendly coffee shop in North Philadelphia, look no further than The Daily, located right off of Broad Street in the historic Divine Lorraine Hotel. This charming little spot is perfect for getting some work done away from the office – and the coffee is delicious, too!

The Daily has plenty of outlets and wifi, so you can stay connected all day long. And if you need a break from work, there’s plenty to keep you entertained – from people-watching out the window to chatting with the friendly baristas. So if you’re in the market for a remote work-friendly coffee shop in North Philadelphia, be sure to check out The Daily. You won’t be disappointed!