Few Philadelphia neighborhoods are as charming and fun as Queen Village in South Philly.

Including the most exciting section of South Street, Queen Village offers plenty of fun things to do in Philly, including a shopping district, theater, and plenty of restaurants offering dozens of different cuisines from around the world.

The neighborhood sometimes referred to as Southwark, is both an excellent place to live and a must-visit destination for travelers. With its abundance of great restaurants, unique shopping, and rebellious aesthetic, Queen Village is one of my personal favorite areas in Philly.

Coffee at Shot Tower

If you like coffee with real flavor – I would recommend Starting your day off with a delicious cup of coffee from Shot Tower Coffee Shop at Christian and 6th street. This small coffee shop has become one of my absolute favorite spots to grab a coffee in Philly.

While it is located on the far west border of Queen Village, their coffee is well worth the quick walk. Not to mention, the shop itself has an amazing calm and cozy atmosphere and is a great place to kick off your day or get some work done.

Breakfast Sandwich at Red Hook Cafe

Red Hook Cafe is a local favorite in the heart of Queen Village with some of the best breakfast sandwiches and wraps I’ve ever had. Red Hook Cafe has plenty of food and drink options, but I must recommend Red Hooks Champi-eggs – a breakfast sandwich fit for an Eagles offensive lineman. 

Classic Breakfast at South Street Diner 

South Street Diner is a staple restaurant of Queen Village and a great restaurant to sit and eat with friends and family. The Diner serves classic American breakfast all day, we’re talking pancakes, eggs, sausage, waffles – you know the drill.

While the food is nothing high-end, if you’re looking for something that tastes like a home-cooked meal with plenty of flavors, South Street Diner is a go-to. Hangovers don’t stand a chance.

Vintage Shopping around South Street

Queen Village is by far the best neighborhood in Philadelphia to shop secondhand or dig for vintage – with so many options, you can spend a whole day digging through racks of clothing, jeans, jewelry, and even furniture. QV has the most vintage and secondhand shops in the city, not to mention the largest thrift store in the city, the two-story Philly AIDS thrift store. 

For a second-hand and vintage cloth shopping adventure, check out our post on the best vintage shops in Philly. If you’re looking for streetwear-style vintage clothing, curated by some of Philly’s best-dressed, be sure to check out our post on the best places to buy sneakers and streetwear.

Smoothie at Lightbox Cafe

Whether or not you finished your vegetables as a kid, you’re sure to fall in love with something on Lightbox Cafe’s fully vegan menu. From health-boosting smoothies that taste like a sorbet to their delicious handcrafted bowls and wraps, the people behind Lightbox have created a menu that is perfect for a quick brunch. The small shop located on 4th Street and Bainbridge in Queen Village is a must-visit and one of my favorites. 

Hangout at Front Street’s Park

We can’t go much further without recommending what we consider one of Queen Village’s hidden gems, the grassy, unnamed public park along Front Street. Between South Street and Fitzwater, you’ll find a long stretch of grassy hills, trees, and other shrubberies.  If you’re looking for I break from the urban atmosphere, this public area in Queens Village is a great spot for a picnic or recharge.

Lunch on South Street

In one of our recent articles, we covered the huge ethnic diversity of restaurants along or just off South Street in Queen Village. The .6-mile Stretch between 6th Street and Front is home to dozens of restaurants with flavors spanning over 20 different countries, areas, or cultures. 

Whether you are looking for a quick bite like a gyro from South Street Souvlaki, or something slower like the best meatballs in town from La Nonna’s, you’ll find a huge selection of restaurants in the 10-minute walk down South Street in Queen Village. 

Baklava at Queen Village Market

This small grocery store off Bainbridge offers some of the best Turkish baklava I have ever had – alongside their groceries, of course. While I have never met a Turkish grandmother, I can only imagine what her baklava tastes like – covered in pistachios and honey, pieces are a dollar and worth every penny.

Don’t forget to check out some of the other Turkish food and beverages they have to offer – a quick walk around the store and you’ll see plenty of imported options to choose from alongside Papi shop classics. 

See a show at the TLA

This iconic South Philly theater has hosted some of the music industry’s biggest names – while they were on the come up that is. Seeing a show at the TLA is one of the most iconic things to do in Queen Village. With plenty of dining options within spitting distance, you can make it a night on the town.

Spice It Up at Condom Kingdom

More than just another sex shop, condom kingdom is a pleasure emporium located on South Street in Queen Village. Whether or not you’re planning to purchase some protection or a brand new 6-speed rechargeable vibrator, browsing the comical gifts and knickknacks at Condom Kingdom is some of the most fun you can have in Queen Village. From peepee-shaped pasta to flavored condoms, you cannot even imagine the things you’ll find at Condom kingdom.

Modern Art Exhibition at Paradigm Art Gallery

One of Philly’s best modern art galleries, Paradigm is a small art gallery in the heart of Queen Village. 

Showcasing a huge variety of local and foreign artists, the rotating schedule of exhibitions brings some truly incredible pieces of work to the Fabric Row of Queen Village. 

You’ll find everything from photography to fine art, watercolor, and sculpture all being showcased throughout the year on the walls of Paradigm. Check their updated calendar for a schedule of upcoming shows and open houses. 

Catch a game at New Wave

Your local dive bar wishes it could be as cool as New Wave Cafe. The local queen village dive bar and restaurant is a gritty but welcoming local pub with plenty of TVs and fellow fans to cheer with. Not to mention the pay-to-play pool table and dart board – what more can you ask for?

I’ve personally spent hours in New Wave Cafe and can say it’s one of the best-hidden gems in the city of Philadelphia. If you ever find yourself in Queen Village on game day – stop in – you’ll likely be able to hear the cheers and jeers reverberating out of New Wave halfway down the block. 

Pizza and Beer at Emmy Squared

Some of the best square, pan pizza in the city. The dough is fluffy and light while the edges are cropped to perfection. The upscale pizza place Emmy Squared, located at Bainbridge and 5th, is a great option for date night, family night, or anything in between.

Not to mention, the rooftop bar and seating area offer an unforgettable al fresco dining experience, as you sip and stuff your face with 360-degree views of south Philly and the skyline.

The bar offers plenty of drink options, including some incredible cocktails, craft beer, imports, and domestic. As for food, you cannot go wrong with the Squared Fries – served in a pizza box, this pile of deliciousness is a great appetizer option – but be sure to leave some room for pizza! I always recommend any of their pizzas with the vodka sauce

Dinner at Fitz on 4th

Eating your vegetables has never tasted so damn good – Fitz on 4th is a newcomer to the Queen Village restaurant scene, but it hopefully is a keeper. 

Happy Hour at Queen and Rook Game Cafe

If sports bars aren’t your vibe or you’re looking for a more exciting evening than staring at the TV, Queen Village is home to one of only a handful of houses game bars in the city, Queen and Rook Cafe

This small cafe-style shop is located just off South Street. With dozens, if not hundreds of board and card games to choose from you’ll, Queen and rook is will have everything you need to have a great night out. There is something about playing board games in a room full of your neighbors that just feels right – not to mention the atmosphere at Queen and Rook is perfect for a lowkey lunch or night out.

NightCap at Tattooed Mom

Rad – that’s probably the best and only to describe one of Queen Villages’ best bars, Tattooed Mom. As if the name isn’t welcoming enough, you’ll find a crowd of tattooed moms that truly represents Philly, with everyone from hipsters to wealthy and everyone in between grazing their many barstools. 

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