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A passionate Philadelphian and champion of localism…

Trying to be a better neighbor.

Urbanist seeks to show people what they are missing in the hopes they find their new favorite thing. We cover the niche, the kitsch, the new and the old, and most importantly the people who are doing. If food blogs make you lust for the city, Philly Urbanist aims to make you fall in love.

“Urbanists believe that mixing people and ideas creates wealth in a city. Why else would people choose to live so close to each other? Cities, therefore, should be open to people of every background, ethnicity, race and class to maximize the potential from our human capital.”

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

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Urbanist sweats the small stuff – Artisans, businesses, artists, influencers, places, and spaces that are not always highlighted in Philly media. If you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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